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Giraffe Wall Sticker
Giraffe Wall Sticker Giraffe Wall Sticker Giraffe Wall Sticker Giraffe Wall Sticker Giraffe Wall Sticker

Giraffe Wall Sticker

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Brighten up your home in seconds with high-quality wall sticker decals! What’s more, they’re easy to apply and remove - without the messy residue - making them perfect for renters and homeowners alike!


  • All Wall Stickers decal
  • Design: Giraffe Mural
  • Easy-to-apply and remove - no messy residue 
  • Includes reference image so you can set it up beautifully!
  • Great for use on most smooth surfaces, like walls, mirrors and more
  • Stickers come on a backing sheet - actual size on wall may differ
  • Ideal for renters, kids rooms or a super-easy decor change!
  • A great family activity! 
  • Backing sheet dimensions (approx. cm): 90 (H) x 60 (W)
  • Dimension of sticker once applied to wall: 130cm (H) x 115cm (W)

Can be used on any smooth surface such a walls, windows, mirrors, tiles, furniture, etc. Easy to apply and remove leaving no residue so they are perfect for making a house uniquely your own even if renting.

The stickers come on a backing sheet that is 60cm x 90cm, which you peel them off of and can then apply however you like to make your wall as individual and bespoke as you like or you can copy the small picture of the suggested lay out which comes with each sticker. Although the stickers come on a 60cm x 90cm sheet it will require a much larger wall area on which to be applied.

Application is possible with just one person however we recommend that you get someone to help with larger stickers in order to prevent them from sticking to themself once removed from the backing sheet.

Quicker and easier than painting and so easy to replace when you feel like a change or when your child out grows the design.